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I wasn't sure where to put this. I'd like to hear from some of the members who put videos on Youtube. I have some neat old stuff I'd like to share. Give us a step by step guide, starting with what to get for a camera, and how to start a Youtube channel. Thanks for your time.

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I signed up for youtube 8 years ago:

and since then I have uploaded 58 videos..
they are mostly from my two main hobbies, trains and snowblowers.

I have several videos set to "private", which means no one can see them unless I specifically email them the direct link to the video. I use that feature for "family" videos, things like videos of the kids of my sister and cousins, kids school events and stuff like that, that no one outside of the family needs to see, or would care about.
that's a useful feature.

For many years, I simply uploaded videos with no editing at all, exactly as they came straight from the title added, and no editing:

Then I got a new computer a few years ago, with Windows 7, and discovered that Windows 7 comes with a built-in video editor, "Windows Live Movie Maker"..
(I think it came with windows 7..but maybe I downloaded it? I dont remember..)
but either way, its a free microsoft program, its basic, but does everything I need! ;)
I now use that to add titles, and to crop out sections of video, or paste different parts of videos together into one can also use it to mix still photos in with videos, or string a bunch of still photos together into a video..I now make all my videos with that program. When you are done creating the video in that program, you can upload them straight to youtube as an option in the video program.

To take the videos, I use the video function in my main digital camera, a Cannon SX30IS:

works fine! pretty much all digital cameras have good quality video these days..

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