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I feel like this has been an ever going winter project as I have replaced, cleaned, tweaked my Murray all winter to keep her running. After a complete carb cleaning/re-build (bought a new one, but the old one is working so good now, I don't need it
), new skid plates, scrapper bar, belts, friction wheel (wasn't the problem was the clutch lever
), plug, I have what I hope is the last repair for many years....I have a Murray F2484-020 with a Tecumseh Snow King 8 HP engine. What is the best procedure for me to remove the Assy Friction Wheel Disc (p/n 583164) so I can get at the Assy Traction Clutch Lever (p/n 579941) to replace with the new part...not really sure and don't want to take half the machine apart if I don't have to.

Thanks in advance for you assistance. Also if anyone needs a 632334A carb, let me know. I'll let it go for 10% less than I paid for it.... $50 plus shipping.


Ed M
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