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Simplicity M1227E B&S 11.50 eng mfg 2014 Purchased new in 2017
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Greetings I joined this forum yesterday, my first introduction post is on the new people introduction area titled I'm glad I found this forum ,anyway just thought I'd show you a picture of my Simplicity snowblower ,had it for a few years now, the engine was made in ,2014 I bought the whole unit in 2017 the only issue I had was the choke lever when it is fully turned their clockwise position which should be choked off it's Angle would run poorly after some investigation I found that the choke lever when it was totally to The Right open position was actually going past center with a butterfly and choking the engine off, so now that I've learned that I only have to go with the choke lever straight forward so the choke butterfly is straight ,other than that I've had a good time with it I hope to get many more years of service out of it attached is a picture I hope it comes through
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