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Hello everyone,

I am in the market for a used snowblower. I am in western NY, so we get quite a bit of snow.

I came across a listing for a 2018 Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe SHO 306cc snow blower. It looks like new in the pictures. The asking price is $800.

Could you please tell me:
1) is this a reliable/good model?
2) what’s you opinion of the condition based on the pics?
3) what’s a good price for this machine?

Thank you

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Ariens makes a nice machine, I have one and like it very much. That particular one is very nice and with proper maintenance will give you years of reliable service.
Is it a good deal? That is your call. If I didn’t have a snowblower and had a budget that would afford me the cost, I would buy it. You will get many opinions on what is a monetary good deal, ultimately it comes down to you. As I’ve said in prior posts, many of my machines were not what you would call a “good deal” but they were to me and that is all that matters.
Welcome to the forum, post pix of what you ultimately pick up. If in the future you should break it, log back on and post a lengthy repair thread with lots of pictures and questions…
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