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Hello i would like to introduce myself from Northern Ontario as i am new to this forum, and i need some helpful advice on which snowblower i should keep.

I recently acquired three single stage snowblowers. I have a larger 2 stage but need to keep one of the three single stage blowers for walkways, decks and other small driveways i do. I am pulling my hair trying to decide which one of the three to keep. As i am sell 2 of the 3.

The Snowblowers are:
Toro Power Clear R-tech 2 stroke with quick chute
Toro Power Clear R-tech 2 stroke without quick chute
Honda HS520 In showroom condition

All blowers are in great shape, all have new scrapper bars and paddles. I find myself leaning towards the Honda HS520 for its smooth running, quite, and reliability. But I'm hearing the 2 Stroke Toros are a better performing machine.

What do you guys think. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks again

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I know there is a guy here looking for those 2 cycle TORO'S. in the powermax set-up at least I think that is what he is looking for????????? anyhoo ALOHA from the paradise city.:smiley-rpg027::smiley-rpg027::smiley-rpg027::smiley-rpg027::smiley-rpg027::smiley-rpg027:
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