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New from Michigan with a White Snow Boss 410

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Hello from the tip of the mitt. I’ve been using a White Snow Boss 410 since 2014. Has always ran good, but goes through an auger belt every 10 or 15 hours.

The tensioner works well, the pulleys aren’t burred and seem to be in line, everything turns free. It works great for awhile, then eventually starts slipping and thinning out and breaks in the next 5 minutes. I use a 3/8 x 38 Kevlar belt from the farm store.

Maybe I’m using the wrong belt? It appears there are different belts listed for different years. I have no idea what year mine is, as the sticker on the rear frame is totally worn clean. I’ll get some photos tonight.

This forum looks like it would be useful for learning other things too. I am an engineer and work on older cars and other things, but don’t know that much about small engines.
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Quickly, I see those auger belts for a White 410 could be either 3/8 x 38 inch, or a 1/2 x 39 inch I also see othe rsize auger belts for White's ....

Really need the year, or if everything else is in order, may be missing some belt guides, are try a wider belt, which will sit higher in the sheave/pulley, thus a larger belt like the 1/2 x 39 might be what you want?
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Make sure you are using mower blower belts rather than engine motor belts, there's a different side angle.

I use D&D Power, Pix, or A&I Sports.

38" is not 38" from every manufacturer, some are inaccurate.

Check the specs for the actual size.

You can identify the year of the snowblower from the DOM of the engine.

Check the belt slap both disengaged idling & fast, and engaged.

Do a Search for my "Snowblower Checklist".
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Excellent information and checklist. I’ve done about 3/4 of those things within the last few years. Including the wheel drive area. I got it for $100 back in 2014 and it’s not pretty but it doesn’t have to be. Prime it about 5 times and it starts on the first pull.

The belt engages at about half the travel of the idler assembly, then it’s under spring tension. A 37” belt won’t disengage, I tried that years ago. It looks like there is room to try a 1/2” belt. At least it would give more material before it wears through. I will try that next. These are the belts I use, I can get them in town.

Looks like my photo of the tag won’t show up right. But I was able to get it to show up in the right light. It says 310-440-190/I059B. Going back to look at different angles it’s definitely an uppercase I and B.


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Yeah, for sure, it appears that pulley/sheave wants a 1/2 inch belt .... At least now you have the model number ....
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Welcome to SBF, not sure if this website would help for parts

Just a curiousity .... I dont think I've ever seen an auger gear case like the one there. :geek: Hard to get a good look from front view
The older MTD's had those auger gear boxes.

The machine looks like a MTD that was made for White Equipment.

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Glad to have you at SBF, welcome aboard.
Great to know about the MTD compatibility. I found quite a few pictures and videos for MTD and it’s almost identical to mine. Only thing different in the auger drive area looks like MTD used pin type belt retainers with a hex at the base, where mine is hex head shoulder bolts with larger diameter shank. Or maybe they were replaced, who knows. This puts them extremely close to touching a 1/2” belt. The belt is basically flush with the outside of the pulleys when engaged.

I picked up a couple belts today, and the 1/2” x 39” fits well. It engages at about 1/3 the travel instead of 1/2. Same as I saw in one of the videos. It does seem to engage more solidly. And it does fully disengage and stop promptly. There was only an inch of fluff to play with but storms are on the way.

Curious how long this one lasts. I still have a 3/8” x 38” to go back to if needed.

Thanks for the help everyone!
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Welcome from Michigan, there is something beautiful about the Great Lakes Region.

Just an update. Here it is a season and a half later, and I’m still on the same belt. Unbelievable! Used to be 1-2 belts a season. Going to 1/2” was definitely the solution. I’ve got a spare but haven’t needed it. This past season we didn’t have as frequent of storms, but the ones we had were heavy. One time I thought the belt was going, but it turned out one side of the auger blew the shear pins.
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