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Hi Folks,
I just purchased a ST32DLET Pro Track.
My drive way is steep, about 200 yards long with parking for a bunch of cars. I felt I needed a large tracked machine, particularly after last year's east coast winter.
I wanted a Honda (based solely on their reputation) but I couldn't get one so I settled for the Arians.
Has anyone had any experience with this new model or the Briggs engine? I'm hoping that I didn't waste a sizable amount of money.
Any advice before the first snow? I've broken it in and changed the oil, any thing beyond that?
We are due a storm Sunday and if it materializes I'll post a review (a new machine should work well but...).

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No worries!
you bought one of the best snowblowers there is..

First, the three best brands, in quality, are Ariens, Toro and Honda.

Second, only a few briggs engines are still made in the USA..and they are still believed to be high quality engines..Some smaller briggs engines are now made in China, and people have been concerned that the quality might be beginning to slide..(Briggs has been making some smaller engines in China since 2002) right now, about half the Briggs engines on snowblowers (all brands) are the Chinese-built briggs engines..but not yours.

Because! It is known that the Ariens Professional models still have the larger, made in the USA Briggs engines..(for now)

So the machine you bought is about the best that *can* be bought..
100% made in the USA, very well regarded in terms of quality and reliability..

many snowblower models and brands are creeping downhill in quality..worse and worse every year..but you bought one that is still top of the line..The Cadillac of snowblowers..

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