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Off Season Is The Time For Services , Repairs , and Upgrades. How Do You Keep People Engaged?

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Just wondering what snowblower mechanics and small engine shops do to keep people engaged to have their snowblowers worked on in off season instead of majority that wait until last minute.

It's frustrating.

Every time it snows I am slammed with questions, emergency repair requests, service requests in late fall or all thru the winter.

Almost every breakdown I encounter is avoidable. if only people kept up on maintenance by having a service every 100 hours or so and not when it breaks down.

What do you do to have snowblower owners be more proactive???
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Asking questions to explore what people really want can often spur them to action.

What do you think of these questions?

"What is most important to you about your snowblower?" "So, it sounds like you want your snowblower to start every time and be reliable, is that right?" "Do you prefer to avoid problems with your snowblower, or do you prefer to fix problems as they arise, such as a no start issue, or blah blah?"
1 - 1 of 19 Posts