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Off Season Is The Time For Services , Repairs , and Upgrades. How Do You Keep People Engaged?

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Just wondering what snowblower mechanics and small engine shops do to keep people engaged to have their snowblowers worked on in off season instead of majority that wait until last minute.

It's frustrating.

Every time it snows I am slammed with questions, emergency repair requests, service requests in late fall or all thru the winter.

Almost every breakdown I encounter is avoidable. if only people kept up on maintenance by having a service every 100 hours or so and not when it breaks down.

What do you do to have snowblower owners be more proactive???
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#2 reason is they don't have enough confidence to try and do it themselves.
some people are just not very handy. a good example would be my neighbor accross the street. he replaced the carb on his snowblower. he got it to run but the throttle wasn't working and it sound like he had the throttle set too high. i took a look at it and found this. while he was installing the carb he bent one of the rods so the throttle lever did nothing and it was running at the rpm he set it to with the idle speed screw. he got lucky because i think he did have the engine running at 4000rpm. i replaced the rod and adjusted the carb to where it should be and had it all working like it should again.
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