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Oh the agony!!

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If I am unable to purchase the correct nylon bushings for the axles of my OEM troy bilt
10 horse snow blower and a drive tire I am going to offer it up for parts.
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what about just installing bearings if you like the machine?
Or make new bushings yourself, it's really quite easy.
Or make new bushings yourself, it's really quite easy.
i don't see it being that easy to make your own unless you either have a 3d printer or a mill and the mill route would be better so you could use brass but then again bearings would still be easier.

a lot of places show the bushing as available but at $20 each it really doesn't seem like that greats of a deal compared to going with a bearing.
Not sure I understand? .... you cant locate the parts?

Did you spec them out and were not able to locate them? I have no problem locating bushings or bearings,

I would imagine being 10HP it is probably a 30inch machine ... strange they would put a nylon bushing on the axles of a machine like that ... I would change over to a bearing or at least the oil impregnated bronze.
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I contacted the folks at Shanks and they said the parts are no longer available.

I have to get the sawzall out and surgically remove the axle bolt holding the left wheel onto the drive shaft
then after that I will remove the belly plate to do the rest of the work.

I will be removing the wheels and then the axle shafts this week and go from there. I have to have tubes put in the tires and mount the snow chains.
The left axle is the drive side and the right axle is the carrier side and as it has easy steer it is a lot different than the junk my father bought in 1969.

The nylon bushings in the parts diagram have the same part number and should present no problems to find as Mcmaster-Carr has several pages of
them as well as open flange bearings of course.

Both axle shafts are machined differently but obtaining a two bolt open flange bearings should not be an issue as the local KAMAN Industrial franchise is
only 2 hops, 2 skips and a long yodel from me and a good excuse to wander into the Olive Garden for lunch and a nice tall Manhattan on the rocks with
club soda with extra cherries.

No worries, all is not lost, yet. Stay tuned to the same Big Ol Bear channel, same Big Ol Bear time.
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@leonz, I sent you a PM link to the bushings on eBay about 3 days ago...
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@leonz, I sent you a PM link to the bushings on eBay about 3 days ago...

Hello Andy, Yes, I recieved it, thank you very much. I am getting there I just have to drag one foot in front of the other and not trip over it ha,ha.
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