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I have customers that complain about pulling the tire on their Ariens to drain the oil for changing oil. I have as well read it here on SBF. Since I had to do one this morning I thought I would share what I have made that eliminates the need for a jack or tire removal.

I took a 16" length of 2" pvc schedule 40 pipe, and with the pipe laying from your left to right in front of you put a mark on the end to your right this is just for reference as that is the end you want to have your cuts on.
On that end make a cut down the top of pipe towards the left end about six inches. take a marker and with that cut facing up sight the 2 side walls of the pipe and draw a line where you see the side wall from straight above, these lines will run parallel to your cut.

Then make 1 cut across the end of your first cut at (6") to a depth of just below the the 2 marker lines, you will now have a T for a cut, in the top of the pipe.
Again with pipe laying in front of you lft to rt with cuts to your right , take either a heat gun or a small propane torch (with gloves, also duckbill vise grips work well), and heat along the marker line closest to you first when it is hot enough bend that flap of pvc up to where it is pretty straight with the side, Let it cool.

On the opposite side measure down the length of your marker line approx 3" put a reference mark and take a 3/4 'hole saw bit and drill a hole below the long line, where as the top of the hole is touching your long marker line and is at you 3" reference, ONLY that side do not drill through to the side wall that you have already bent.

Now you can heat the line above the hole and when hot bend that flap out to where it is about 90 degrees to the side wall.
I as well took a 2" pvc pipe cap and cut it so it would fit on the end of the pipe where the cuts are and glued it.
What you have is a pipe that you can put the drain tube through the hole and put the the other end of the pipe in your pan and pull the plug, mine works great. I do loosen the plug before I slip the pipe in position , as it just makes it easier.

Hope this helps someone.
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