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I sold my old blower this weekend, it was a 8hp MTD that I bought new about 17 years ago. It was the best we could afford at the time.

I greased it and fogged the motor every year and the only parts I bought was a friction wheel for about $15.

I could not find the bill of sale but I think it was around $600-$650. So lets just call it $700 to include the friction wheel and some grease.

I sold the machine for $275, ($700-$275)/17 years = $25/year cost of ownership.

I would say that machine served me well, I blew a lot of snow with that machine. It was starting to get a little tired but I'm sure it has a few years left in it. I bought what I think was one of the best machine this time around, but in reality would another MTD product serve me just as well? I would hope so.
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