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Pawl spring

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Where could I find another pawl spring for a dynamark 53620700. Same as the sears 53682400. Sears parts direct no longer carries the part. It it part #28505
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Well apparently no one has much help for vintage machines lol. Anywho I am currently using the ones I made and they seem to be doing the trick. Made it through 3 snows with them so far. Gives me time to scour the rest of the planet looking for them.
this is an old thread but worth revisiting. there seems little else can be done in respect to the old AMF wheel pawl springs, other than buying a spare parts machine and getting the parts from that. The Luminaire I have came with no pawls springs so it was either lock the wheels direct somehow, or buy a complete machine for parts. I found one with a seized 7HP on it for $50, then found another 7HP for $50, and bought both just to get the springs and other associated wheel parts.

it was well worth it in the end, as the machine is a pleasure to turn and maneuver for a big heavy machine, once the pawls are installed and working correctly, that system really worked sweet. when shut off and in gear the machine can be moved around as the wheels completely disengage from the axle drive automatically, the pawl spring centers the pawl and releases the drive pawls from the inner hub. the traction is awesome when using the machine.

If someone made the pawl springs they'd be at least $50/pair anyway, so getting a whole machine for same price, you end up getting all the other spare parts like carb, pulleys, tires, auger box, etc. you may need some day. the only issue is, you need a place to store this stuff- and these machines have never been close by. it's always a few hours drive round trip, and most people won't just sell the pawl springs separately. so you have to go fetch the whole machine on a road trip, or have it shipped in. that's the bare honest truth.

it all boils down to how motivated one is to complete the repair. on some stuff like this you just have to bite the bullet and ante up. or, abandon the oem system and lock the wheels solid axle with pins or bolts.

there is someone listing these springs for sale as reproductions but there is no picture and it appears to be a marketing test to see what kind of response there is, before they make them.
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There aren't any scrap machines within 200 miles of Des Moines Iowa. That is the issue I was having.
keep a keen eye out, you'll find one...
On my old Dynamark, the rh wheel pawl spring broke, right at the pin. I tried welding it, but that broke again. So I brazed it. But, to normalize the metal, I heated it till about orange hot, and then quenched it in oil. That was over five years ago, still going strong.
Well I have a "spare" used one if you need one for a pattern. It would probably work for a lightly used machine but I would not count on it for long term as there is some wear in a couple places. If you want to try to bend up some if you can find spring stock I could scan again with a ruler included for better scale.
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Forgot to ask did your hub have the washer like part that helps hold the spring in place? It has I believe four of five tab on the ID that help hold the spring in place. Also there should be an oring I believe in the groove just outside of the teeth for the pawl. At least that is how I found mine and I did manage to buy new orings from a hydraulic repair shop that fit nice, not sure if I have the size number of the orings.
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