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I have a 2014 model, 24" Platinum. Engine runs great, no real problems with the auto turn, chute adjustment was a problem until I figured out the adjustment and how to force it to lock at the extremes. Only real problem is electric starter, but I'll post that in another post. (And I don't want to hear how its not needed, I'm in my 70's).

Still glad I bought to Platinum edition, 24" is wide enough for double driveway, wider model would be difficult to do some of my neighbor's sidewalks. Plus 24" fits perfectly in nitch in garage.

I also paid $1,000 less (bought in March 2014, not on sale). Don't care for the white color however. I like the red/black color scheme.

For those on the fence, this machine costs more, but it could last you a lifetime. And going with top of the line means no regrets for not spending a little more and getting all the bells and whistles.
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