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I using this forum, it is my last resort. Poulan Pro Customer Service was not able to help me. The owner manual is unclear. I need help how to fix my snow blower.

The model is a Poulan Pro 2009 model: PP291E27. The blower no longer go forward or backward. New 2019 traction belt and auger belt, both install properly. I put it award and find that the part number 532402878 know has traction return spring was brook.

I searched the internet how to put a new one on. No luck. I took pictures, and order the part. Hopefully someone would tell how to put it together. If yours is working, Do few close pictures and post it here. You will see, the spring brook, I made another loop, try to put it the best I can on the arm handle hole, but the tension was not good enough.

So WHERE the spring hook up and HOW?

Thank you.


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