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Hi -

Found this old Jacobsen Imperial 26 at the house I'm renting. It was obviously missing a spark plug wire, but I soon found out it didn't have any of the magneto unit behind the flywheel.

I found a used magneto and installed it yesterday. I have been able to pull start it fine.

I believe the carburetor has been replaced, but there is nothing on the air intake side - no push spring like I've seen on some Imperials and no primer bulb - just open. Do I need to put something on there? The cover for that area is missing as well so there is nothing keeping snow, etc. from getting sucked in. As well, after I shut the machine off a bit of wispy smoke comes out of there. And lastly, today soon after I shut it off some fuel started dribbling down out of the intake.

And if you've read this far, how can I get more info on the impeller kit I've read is a must have?

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