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We got (in my yard) roughly 6+ to 12 drifted inches overnight...the wet cement variety. I haven't had to move this much of this type of snow since I moved here in late '04. We usually get the fluffy variety...not this morning! We had the obligatory Jim Cantore Special with thundersleet/snow/rain preceding the snow, so I knew it wasn't going to be much fun today.

My two machines, the 910962 is all torn apart waiting on warmer weather for some paint. I took a gamble we weren't going to get anything my 922003 couldn't handle. I affectionately refer to her as Frankenstein...'003 tractor, '008 attachment, and a much newer (guessing 80's) replacement all black Snow King 5 hp Tecumseh engine. The handles are all black too (with factory stickers), never seen one really look like this machine before.

Unfortunately, Uma dropped by to party! We got lucky here in CR...about a hundy miles north, they got 15+.

Much to my surprise, the ol' gal did indeed handle it, albeit exposing some fixes I'll need to do in the spring. Made some serious tootsie rolls at times, very slushy stuff underneath the powder on top. I had to take some half cuts throughout considering I more or less have to blow most the snow twice given I really have only one place to blow all my snow to.

But she handled it, as The Offspring sang, "with style and aplomb". It moved half cuts of 12+ very nicely, never had an issue with full width unblown 6-9.

I also confirmed what I suspected, appears it needs a new friction disc, for in the heavy stuff it wouldn't drive in first gear but would in second - the fluffy stuff we got all winter, never did this once. I noticed this up to a decade ago when my dad still owned it. I bet it's the original disc, has some cracks etc. That's an easy fix though, I know it's adjusted/aimed fine. I KNEW I shoulda done this last month, d'oh!

I also have a loose right handle, for whatever reason the top screw holding it to the transmission case isn't quite locking it down, but that should be easy too.

I could see impeller mods in it's future too.

But overall, very happy Frankie handled it, the ol' gal may not be the best looking babe at the ball, but she still turns a head or two! I badly did not want to have to put the '962 back together with so much bare metal, win! :smile2:
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