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Questions/Thoughts on newer 524 Cub Cadet 2-Stage???

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See the pic below. I have worked on many older MTDs, but my questions on this are:

1. The engine, I know its not a Tecumseh. It seems to be the same one I see on a similar current model Cub on Tractor Supply's web site. Looks like they are branded Cub Cadet. My guess is some Chinese made engine Cub is using? Thoughts?

2. I have never worked on one with the two "steering levers". I am familiar with the old tried and true friction disc mechanism. Are these trouble prone? Are they used when snow blowers have them or ignored because they don't work so well.

3. Finally pricing. This is posted early summer 2023 and the guy is asking $400. Yea, way off base. He is now willing to let it go for $200. Thoughts? My guess is this would be an easy sell in winter for at least that price. The similar new price on TS is $1099. He is selling it because he is moving south. He states it has been serviced every year by a small engine place. He estimates it is ~10 years old. Bucket has very little rust inside and out. Even the impeller housing has some paint internally on it.
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i would take it for $200 if it looks as good in person as it does in the pictures. i have seen people asking $400-500 for the same machine in much worse shape this winter. the engine is power more engine. i would guess it is likely 208cc but i have since seen a slightly larger small block power more engines available. they usually need the impeller mod to perform as good as they can but it is usually pretty easy to do to them.
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the cub cadet is likely not that much newer. it is just better optioned. you could always upgrade your old machine to make it a bit nicer but you can't really add trigger steering even tho it is not like it is really needed on 24" machine. i bought one troybilt 5024 this winter and converted it from a plane base model to better option and much nicer to operate. i really dislike the base model machines. got to at least have remote deflector control. i have run machine without it and hated it
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Crazzywolfie is correct. I checked the years on the serial number of the Cub and my Yard Machines I posted a pic of above. The YM is a 2005. The Cub is a 2007.
you can tell age by the engine, chute rotator and chute. most of the newer cubs come with the taller chute and gear box chute rotators like Oneacer posted. the cables system on the cub you bought is likely more reliable and cheaper to fix. i was told to replace the gearbox on the control panel like oneacers machine has costs about $300 new and apparently they do fail since i sold a used one. as far as the chutes go i find the shorter chute like your cub has throws farther than the taller chute since it it is not limited to how high it can throw where the curve seems to limit the angle that the snow can come out.
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