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I was watching a Tarryl video on YouTube that another forum member recommended to me recently. I would give him credit and did a search in my mail and on posts but couldn't identify him. My apology to him.

The video was replacing the primer bulb on an older Toro single stage as the CCR2000, CCR3650, and similar. Tarryl showed why he didn't like the Toro primer bulb, hard to replace and the rubber is not as responsive as the Briggs. The nice thing about the Briggs is the inlet tube at the rear where the primer hose goes is threaded for a 1/4"-28 nut. I like it also. It's a great idea. For the flat head Tecumseh's I don't see any reason to switch.[ame=""]

Briggs & Stratton 394281S Primer Bulb

by Briggs & Stratton

$11.49 $ 11 49 Prime
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