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Well, I gotta say, My 2010 Deluxe 27 (921012) purchased in October of 2009 continues to impress me in it's 9th New England winter!
The 249cc B&S engine never fails to start on the first pull, and is plenty powerful!

I replaced the friction disc once about 3 years ago, but all belts are original and in good shape. I also replace the differential trigger cable a couple of years ago which BTW, I consider to be the only weak link with this model machine. I've since stopped using it and keep both wheels locked all the time. The machine is receives oil changes and grease regularly.

As with my prior Ariens ST724, which I had from 1994-2009 (and only sold because I wanted something a bit more powerful) I love these Ariens machines. I think I paid about $1k back in 09 when I bought it new

A little preventative maintenance goes a long way with these machines.
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