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see.. im glad some folks have good stories to sahre about this particular brand of belts.. but personally.. oh my lol my belt woes litterally just up and left as soon as i changed from Gates Powerrated.. to another brand.. both of these are aramid reinforced.. im really stumped as to why i had such horrible luck with my Gates belts... 4 different Gates belts.. i even tried different lenghts to have more or less wrapping around the pulleys.. double and riple checked the allignment both released and under tension.. all would walk off the idler.. flip them over... and it would self destruct... next belt.. install with the letters facing the same as the previous before it self destructed.. walk off the idler.. repeat.. bla bla...only the last belt simply self destructed within one snowfall event..

there were no alignment changes from one belt to another.. and no tension adjustments either.. just.. literally.. the belt was changed.. and voila.. no more walking off the idler... and after more than 3 snow fall vents.. its still running perfectly fine.. i wish i had a different explanation lol

but anyways.. if it works fo you guys.. thats awesome! :D thats the main part of my rant lol i guess im a little jealous i didnt have the same positive outcome as you guys lol
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