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We have a two car garage which has just enough space to store a snowblower between the cars at the end during the winter months (although only just) but I'd prefer to fold it down a little during the off-season to make moving around the garage easier.

We're in Utah so most snow is light and fluffy, but occasionally we get wet slushy stuff. I tried buying an electric snowblower that was a complete disaster (clogged every two feet on the slush). So I returned that. I was thinking a lower end self propelled two stage (since presumably it would be smaller, and I am only doing footpaths and a two vehicle driveway).

Only thing I've seen that seems to take up less space is the Troy-Bilt Flex with Snow Blower Attachment (since you can remove the front half over the summer). But reading some of the threads people say Troy-Bilt's chinese engines aren't reliable which is a concern. Plus you guys seem to ignore the Flex, so I assume I am missing some fatal flaw in the design? Or a reason why a legit two stage snow blower is superior.

My budget is max $700 but ideally closer to $500-600. The Flex is only price viable due to Lowes' current promo the base + snowblower attachment for $400(!). But as I said, I am worried the Flex will be terrible for reasons I haven't even considered.
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