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Working on family members rare 1 year mfg 2009 snapper SS5220E 1695470 single stage, Its made in china by briggs and stratton. It has worn paddles 1735606 . They look similar to toro 99-9913 paddles. All sources say NLA as of NOV 2019 ten years after new. Briggs say NLA. I find it hard to believe no solution as I can get paddle for 50 year old toros and snappers still.

Snowblowers mfg have very few changes so I look at another SS5220E model 7800080. It uses the metal auger with the thin rubber paddles older snapper style
I notice all housing , pulley, scraper bearing belt are all the same . Call snapper and ask them if they have any info about changing over to the metal style auger 150198ma
NO comment or help. I order oem briggs 150198ma $120 and it fit like a glove, new scaraper , new belt and good to go.
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