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Hey everyone- new to the forum. I’m in mn and do commercial snow removal. I bought a sno-go from Maqueen and it’s been a problem child and I’m looking for help on it. It is the mp3d model. We are working through some issues and just want a reliable machine. We put a clutch in it and multiple belts and now the gearbox is out and the bearing cracked the back plate. We are struggling to get parts. Wausau is saying April for a gear box. The plate that was damaged has the ring where shaft would sit. It is cast so it’s a little tricky just welding it back up. It is a durst
durst A76-3612
1:1 ratio
1-3/4” -10B straight line spline

made by Klauer manufacturer in dubuque Iowa

gearbox. My understanding is this unit only used for a few years then has ungraded two times. My unit is a 1975 that Maqueen said was city owned and mentioned it should be tougher than the new ones. The original Allis 175 is replaced with a 250 hp cat in 2007. Some people have mentioned it has too much power and may need to be governed down to avowing taking out parts that are made for that horsepower. So I am willing to go any direction to get it back up and running. I’m fine with trying to fine just the damaged plate of a used junker somewhere. I would consider buying a used junker for a parts machine but I cannot locate anything. I would buy a gearbox and slap that on. I would also use this as an opportunity to upgrade whatever is necessary to make this machine much tougher and dependable for the future. If that means upgrading the side mounted gearbox, the gearbox behind the fan and clutch or whatever else would be needed to make it a beast. I’m open to retro fitting it with a gearbox from another implements gearbox that would work. I’m willing to pay someone with knowledge for either helping locate parts, provide us with knowledge or pay someone to help us fix it. Nothing is free and I don’t expect that, I just want to fix it correctly. I can give anyone my private number or email at anytime. We run this on a wheel loader. Thanks for any help in advance.

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First have
The engine serial number
Clutch brand and serial number
in your hand when you are near a phone.

Second Call Boston Gear for help: 1-800-516-5608

Make sure you can forward some highly detailed pictures to them so they can help you get the right size gearbox/Rockford clutch .
You may end up changing to a better stronger Rockford clutch too since the engine in that thing is a Cat.

Worse comes to worse you can buy a new loader mounted engine driven snow blower from Pronovost.
If it comes to that contact Paul Vanderzon at and tell him that Leon Zaharis sent you for help
and ask if Pronovost still builds their backhoe loader mounted snow blowers or if they have reconditioned unit for sale.
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