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Hello, :smiley-greet025:
New to the forum. I was lucky enough to get a well cared after Snowbird 7040-1 :blowerhug:a couple of years ago. I've managed to limp it along but need some repairs done before this winter. I'm hoping that the forum can help me id the parts numbers I need:

  1. I need a replacement carburetor, I noted some damage when I rebuilt it two years ago, so to keep my sanity, I want to replace the whole unit. the engine is model H50-65295H and the Carb has SN 0187 17578 with 110001 stamped into it and a "18" casting. I think the part number is 631826, but was hoping with more knowledge can provide some insight.
  2. I need a new muffler, last year it backfired and blew the end off it. I'm pretty sure that it should be an off the shelf at most small engine places, but want to see if I can get it to be quieter. Is there a better muffler that will screw on to replace the stock unit?
  3. I need to replace both idler bearings for the v-belts, but haven't been able to locate proper replacements. Does anyone know what part numbers would work?
  4. I'm getting a lot of leakage from the gas petcock when it is open. Is it rebuildable or is there is quick replacement for it?
  5. The electric starter isn't working but for now i'll keep pulling the cord. I saw the other thread about the rectifier and once I get the starter removed i'll do the trouble shooting.
Thanks all for any help that helps me keep the old gal running!

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