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Hey all
Just like everyone with issues, they always come when massive snow hits
Working on my neighbors SnowTek 24" with 208 LCT engine
Last year not much snow, and it was sluggish, he finally had a guy put new carb on it
So this year with the snowiest Feb in MN history go to fire it up and had the normal takes a bit of cranking,
then it fires up and sputters dead. Over and over

new carb, new fuel, new spark plug

Messing with it and determined to get it running, tried everything
It does stay running if you keep pressing the primer
So fuel issue I'm pulled carb fuel cap, checked the float (seemed fine, brand new)
cleaned the fuel intake tube ? ( tiny cylinder with holes in it that feeds carb) mechanically inclined with limited vocabulary haha
Fired up, but died... still stays running when primed constantly.

So I am thinking some sort of airlock ?
Vacuum issues... bad gasket ?

Any insight would be much appreciated

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