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I've had this blower since new in '97. It's been a good blower, but, I get a sore back and numb fingers anytime I use it. The handwarmers are on another thread. But, not much for tall mods anywhere. So, hopefully I can help someone out. I'm 6'6" tall and there is no snowblower built for me. Before you start, think it through where you add material so everything goes back together without a problem. If you are not sure of assembly, take a lot of pictures during disassembly. I would also suggest match marking the auger and drive controls to the shafts before removing them.

I put blocks under the blower to find my comfortable height.

Disassembled as far as I need to.

Scribe a line down the length of the handle before you cut it. You will need this to line the top and bottom back up when welding the section in. I added a 4-1/2" section.

One handle done.

I am lucky enough to have threaded z-rods for the control cables. I just had to add 4-1/2" in the center of them. I did the same for the shift rod.

I made a bracket to hold the lower half of the chute crank at the correct angle. I added 8" to the top half of the crank rod to make it right. I added a u-joint in the middle.

The u-joint works great.

All back together and waiting for the led bulb to replace the halogen.
Good luck.
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