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I have known for quite some time where a brand new MTD 42" 2 stage universal garden tractor snowblower attachment has been sitting (4.5) years now in a field that was originally installed on a troybilt LT series tractor by a nearby farm home store that they told the owner oh yea it will work great. I think it had a 420cc engine.. The mower didnt even have holes in the wheels for weights. Not a good match up as the blower I think weighs more than the small tractor/ mower. Anyway 2 uses was all the blower was used!! Tractor DOA!! Blowers been sitting ever since.

So yesterday while looking at older Ariens for an elderly gentlemen that would not start for him, while in his barn I spied back in the corner under a debris pile a rounded hood of a OLD David Bradly walk behind tractor. I asked if I could take a look at it he said yea but better yet why dont you just take it. He said he bought the place in 67 and it was back in the corner of the old barn then in the exact spot it was today, and he has never had any interest in it what so ever. So yea I will be picking up David probably after better weather and told Harold no/ charge on his future repairs.

So.... my mind immediately flashed the 42" MTD blower mounted on the Bradly.
Now I do not have the 42" blower yet but my mind has already got the beast done.

Is this the thing Nightmares are made of!!!! WHAT do you THINK !!
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