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I'm starting this thread to document the conversion of the 939 series to auger drive.

Mine isn't a Sno-tek, It's an orange Ariens machine with an American Tecumseh "small block" L-head 5hp E-start, model 939001, first in series, introduced in 2006. the Ariens 520E.

Aside from the the Tec engine and the steel chute. This is a Sno-Tek in nearly every other respect.

For those unfamiliar with the 939's, they are usually 20" (now only 20" in 2015) and they have one forward gear...Slow.
The 939 does not use a disc-o-matic, It uses a General Transmissions wet sump gear with an integrated cone clutch. The cone clutch allows free pulling by the operator in either forward or reverse direction if the deadman gear lever is not depressed. This means it is super easy to reverse on cleared pavement, even one handed. You could also use it as a push blower in forward.

These are great machines for tight spaces that are the cheapest 2 stage product sold by Ariens/Gravely. The drawback is they are slow going when the forward gear is engaged and have low capacity. The plus is low price, Ariens quality housings, and they have much greater throwing distance than previous 20"er's due to the 3 blade 12" impeller and tall chutes.

My plan is to utilize this peculiar clutch set-up to replicate an old 2+2 style auger driven blower. An AWD mini blower of sorts. In normal going the auger will pull the machine along at a much higher speed than the stock gear and give smooth clearing performance. Then, in heavy or tight stuff I'll have the RWD power boost gear at the ready. I guess it could be deemed a 2+2+/-reverse.
I'll post some pics soon.
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