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Curb find - Troy-Bilt 27", really nice shape, black, beautiful machine. It had a 10hp Tecumseh with a hole in the side.

I want to flip this.

Should I put on a used 8hp Tecumseh I have with the same diameter crank so the pulleys will fit or a 212 Predator?

Now the additional problem.

The old 10 was a dual shaft which I understand I can swap the outer cases, from the 10 to the 8, then the 8 will be a dual shaft.

If I use the Predator, I will need to buy new pulleys for the smaller crank diameter, and swap the under carriage around, left to right.

It seems putting the 8hp on makes the most sense.

But how will the 8hp handle a 27"? They do put 8hp on 26".

I have a 24" 1975 Yardman Snow Bird in rough shape without an engine that I wanted to put the 8hp on but if I use the 8hp for the Troy-Bilt, then I'll put the 212 Predator on the Yardman. My intention was to use the Yardman for the EOD because the rakes stick out a bit, and I may cut back the sides of the auger housing a bit to ensure they stick out.
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