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Troy built

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Hi I purchased a Troy built 179cc snowblower.
Only used it 1 winter. I went to start it the following year, it didn't start. I have changed, oil, gas, carburetor, primer,spark plug. Still having problems. It will start after cranking it 3 minutes or so. As soon as I turn the auger on or lower the engine idle, it shuts of. It pops and misfire. I also adjusted the valves. Still the same. I'm almost tapped out. Any help will be gladly appreciated. Ty
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Model numbers of blower & engine and pix would help. First thing I thought of was ignition. Check for dry plug then without prime try a shot of carb/flammable brake cleaner in carb. If ignition is ok it should run a few turns. If it does then you have fuel/air problem. If it worked last winter the carb may have plugged with fuel residue. Did you clean it or replace? Cleaning is more complex than most understand and a replacement can be the wrong one or defective. Read up on small engines and watch the many good videos on YouTube. ;)
You need to have a good repair shop spend an hour on it as changing
the valve lash can cause multiple problems and cause the engine to misfire.

Running the electric start for that long will also cause the electric starter motor
to fail as well.

Call a local repair shop that does a great deal of engine work as the timing and valves
needs to be checked as well. you may have a plugged fuel line as well and that can
cause many issues.
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