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Here’s the issue and I am going to be as non biased as possible. Reading over this thread everyone who recommends the ariens owns one. That’s a bias opinion it’s circular reasoning and it’s a fallacy. It doesn’t mean ownership of a Ariens is bad you are getting a bias opinion. For me I would subjectively look at the individual features each one offers. What you like about each one, and what you don’t like about each one. New vs used. Three features of toro that I love. 1 no shear pins On my street only one person owns a orange painted snow blower and every time he’s clearing his driveway he’s changing a shear pin. 2nd feature I like is the quick stick don’t have to hand crank the chute. 3rd is the anti clog feature heavy wet snow no problem. If there’s a fourth reason I like Toro is the customer service from my dealer.
Its no bias 414cc vs 265cc not even 8 hp the 828 ariens clears 20 or 30% more tons per
a free to 30 dollar impeller kit ends the discussion
the toro anti clog makes the machine blow snow twice thats why it clears 20 to 30% less per hr
my 28 414 sho pulley impeller kit 3850 rpm will clear as much or more then a stock ariens 30 sho
that special edition ariens with the 414 will run circles around that toro its not close
Ariens cust service is top notch my machine is used so not orig owner they sent me the light shield and a replacement gas cap free including shipping in 3 days 2 separate times the last being last yr on a 7 yr old machine .
30 bucks for the sho pulley and a home made impeller kit my 414 would out clear the top of the line 1428 toro
1 - 3 of 25 Posts