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The thing about these monster-sized machines is that they are *so* big that demand for them is actually fairly low, because most people dont want or need something that huge. 90% of the "regular" used snowblower buyer market would pass over it, because its too big and too old.

But for those us who are nutty enough about old snowblowers to be members of this forum, its very cool! :) a classic. Just be aware this is *not* the machine for 1" to 6" of snow, or wont perform well in small amounts of wet slushy snow. This is the machine for the 1-foot to 3-foot "dry" cold blizzards.

Here in Western NY thats a $150 machine in the summer, $300 in the winter. If everything works.
If it doesnt run, $50 to $100.

But you also have to tack-on the extra $100 for the east-coast metro area. So where it sits, lower Hudson Valley, in October, I would say $300 to $400 is realistic and reasonable.

Value has been going down over the past 10 years on 1960's and 70's snowblowers, because these machines are getting older, demand is decreasing all the time.

If its something you really want, IMO I would start at $250, and go $400 tops.
Its probably 1979 model year.

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