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Hello everyone,

I found this forum researching an upcoming snowblower purchase. Was considering the usual suspects; Toro, Honda, Ariens, etc. Had actually settled on a Toro SnowMaster but figured I'd call my Dad and ask him how the old Ariens I bought him years ago was doing. Turns out he hasn't used it in several years and asked me to take it so he could free up some room in his shed.

The backstory: I purchased this Ariens for him back in 2002 as he was using a small Toro CCR1000 and it was too small for his large drive. At that time he gave me his little Toro as I have a smaller drive. Well, the days have flown off the calendar and the old Toro is showing it's age - the rubber priming button has fell off, which makes starting it a bear. While I had it running about a week ago - I couldn't get it started when I needed it, after a good dose of NE Ohio snow. Well, turns out my dad has his drive plowed anymore - no need for a snowblower so it's sitting at the local Ariens dealer getting some well deserved attention.

It's a 2002 Model 724, which according to the brochure ( I saved the brochure from when I purchased it) is a deluxe model with a 7 HP Tecumseh engine. While I was hoping to get a few years out of it, it's 15 years old, and it's been sitting for a while, probably with fuel in the tank. The dealer said they will probably have to give the carb a good cleaning.

I know Tecumseh is made in China now, but were they made in the US in '02? Do I have a serviceable unit or a turd? Thanks for any advice.

Woohoo! I'm officially a part of the Ariens family.

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