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Since I have been home I have been letting the hamster wheel spin a bit, and I began to think about improving the "snow blower" as such. This lead me wander over to the Rescia Giuliano spread in Italy and the Zaugg ranch in Switzerland to see their small two stage they make for BCS, Goldoni, Grillo, Ferrari and sub compact tractors

The only snow thrower they-Rescia makes is a gear driven 32 inch cut single stage and its a brute with full welds, thick steel, roller chain final drive, greasable bearings for the snow blower rotor, steel chute and spout and manual chute rotation. It will go on the BCS 853 and the larger Grillo 2 wheel tractors and other brands.

The Zaugg 40 has an open auger shredding tooth design and they have pictures of it clearing snow with 2 wheel mulesand I would imagine the BCS 853 with the diesel engine is the only one with enough torque for it.


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