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As it is 90 plus degrees out, I don't want to do chores, and its supposed to rain and I am stuck inside I thought I would add some more fuel to the summertime snow blower/snow thrower bonfire.

Using the prior build Riest 48 inch single stage snow thrower as a model;

I would do the following

1. high speed 10 horse 2 cycle go cart engine
a. exhaust gas purifier/catalytic converter muffler to beat back the EPA blood hounds-yes they are available
b. #60 roller chain for both the wheel drive and snow blower rotor drive

2. four 13-5:00-6:00 tube type tires-2 per side.
a. each wheel has a sprocket for the drive roller chain
b. the dual wheel chain drives have a torsion tensioner sprocket on the top chain flight
c. the wheel drive system uses a rubber friction tire and large diameter drive pulley with an easy steer system
d. the snow blower rotor is driven with a roller chain drive with a slip clutch on the left side of the engine
e. the solid snow blower rotor has an outside diameter of 12 inches in diameter
f. the solid snow thrower rotor tube is 5 inches in diameter
g. the solid auger flights are 3.5 inches tall
h. the auger flights are separated by 3 inches per flight
I. the auger flights have a fifteen degree cutting angle
j. there are 6 center paddles 60 degrees apart to lift and throw the broken snow pack through the chute and spout at 700+plus Revolutions Per Minute
k. the steel for the snow throwers, frame, and snow blower rotor is 3/16" thick
l. 28 inch cutting width

Please humor me as it is a bit different than my last belt driven design.
I have to upload the parts and owners manual later as duty calls.


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