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Over the years, I have found a few things to be true when working on about anything. Cars, boats, motorcycles, snowblowers, computers, you name it.
The first thing I check on any piece of equipment is the last thing I worked on. It's easy to leave something undone or out of place.

1. Check the simple things first. (KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid)

Won't start:
a. Is the switch on?
b. Do you have gas?
c. Is the gas on?
d. Is the plug wire on?
e. Do you have spark?
f. Is the fuel getting to the cylinder?

Won't blow snow:
a. Belts on and in good shape?
b. Controls functioning properly?
c. Shear pins/bolts intact?

That's just a quick general list and isn't intended to be a service manual.
Any hints from others would be more than welcome.
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