Finally parting with my Yamaha "Ricky" snowblower. I am the second owner and have had this machine for almost 15 years. It has handled winters in upstate NY for over a decade and 2 winters in Maine. Sadly, I don't get enough snow in southern PA to justify keeping it. I have used it twice in the past 4 years.

The good:
-Runs like a sewing machine. When cold, starts second pull........without fail. Always has.
-Tracks are original and are in good condition given the age of the blower. It has a plastic gas tank, so it is probably between 1989-1994.
- All forward and reverse gears work. Auger and impeller works. All controls, including the original headlight work.

The Bad:
- The paint is not perfect and it does have some surface rust. I have always cleaned this machine at the end of every season and treated it with Fluid film corrosion inhibitor. All the metal is solid. The previous owner did have a gravel driveway and it shows.
-The Impeller is worn, which I'm told is common for these. I added rubber flaps to close the gap in the impeller housing and it has worked great for 15 years. If you are handy with a welder, you could easily restore the impeller as I have known others to do.
- I eliminated the original fuel shut-off valve and re-did the fuel line and filter for 1/20th the cost of a new Yamaha fuel bowl. I will include the original petcock in case you feel the need to put it back to original.

Please see the included pictures and feel free to ask any questions. I can email or text more pictures upon request.