I have a good running 24" snow blower ready for a new home. It is a Tecumseh motor, but parts should still be easy to find. I assume this is from the early 2000's.

I don't know a lot about the history, just that it was professionally serviced and left behind. I verified that it does indeed start, run, and moves. All linkages work properly and the auger/thrower are turning. No squeaks or grinding anywhere. No strange throttling issues or backfiring, though when in low throttle, it does pulse ever so slightly, might just need a minor carb adjust, but might just be the way it is for its age (but runs fine at high throttle). Pull start works as does the electric start. Once I got it started and turned the choke off, it ran fine.

My first attempts at getting it started weren't so good, I thought maybe it was a plugged carb, even though it had been stored with no fuel in it. However, after repeated attempts to start it, I finally got it to run and it starts on the first compression pull (instructions say to pull until it is hard to pull, then pull again). I tried again a couple days later and was able to start it on any pull.

The only issue with it is the bucket could use some care due to rust and the skid shoes look fairly used, but are still there and functional.

Also included is a like new electric starter. This came off my Ariens when it had its original motor, but it was a newer starter from the previous owners. Since my new engine has a really good starter, I don't have a use for this one. It should fit, since it's off another Tecumseh.

There are a good-ish set of skids that came off my machine, I upgraded to larger ones for use at the house which is on fairly rough terrain (gravel driveway and such). It looks like someone welded extra steel to the bottom. Might be good if you have less than perfect terrain to run on.

You also get a set of side guards/drift cutters that are meant to be put on the bucket itself. I snagged these off another unit from our small engines grave yard, but can't use them on a round bucket. Use them if you want or give them to someone else.

Lastly is a brand new carb. I'm 99% certain it will work. Bought it thinking I could use it for another project (yet another Tecumseh), but I ended up abandoning it and it's just been sitting around. It looks identical to the one that is on this machine.

For an extra $10, I'll deliver it (within a reasonable distance, of course).