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So I recently obtained an old YardMan 26" 8HP Twin Thrust Snowolf snowblower. The guy gave me it for free it just had broken belts. It fires up instantly and moves in all 5 gears.
Problem I am having is figuring out how this second augur belt is assembled. It only had the drive belt on, I'm assuming the augur belt came off so I didn't have numbers to look up. I can't seem to find a diagram anywhere as to how this second pulley configuration runs. You have the typical drive belt behind the augur belt that you gain access to by disassembling a few bolts but then in front of the right tire you have 2 pulleys one above the other. One has a spring that I'm still unsure where it hooks since it's just dangling from the pulley arm. Then alongside the snowblowers augur housing you have 2 larger pulleys which turn the second augur I'm assuming. Once again there was no previous belt for this and I'm not sure how the belt would run exactly because the two smaller pulleys are horizontal while the larger ones are vertical.
The model number is 31383-7/I056B
Anybody have this snowblower that might know the replacement belt part number and or a photo or something on how you put the belt on these pulleys correctly.
Thank you
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